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Monday Marriage Tip #1 – Appreciate Him

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Hello and welcome to my first blog on “marriage tips”! If you are a future bride, you are no doubt busy busy planning a huge, fun, beautiful bash of a day to start off your marriage, and that’s awesome! And you should be so excited about that! But much more important than the wedding is your MARRIAGE. I have felt insanely blessed to have been taught SO MUCH from incredible women who have been married many years, by marriage books and of course the Bible, so pretty much all of my ideas for this blog have simply been passed down to me from others. My little marriage of 3 years now has been amazing, but I certainly am no marriage expert and it would be laughable for me to claim to be! Anyway, my first tip that I have learned is APPRECIATE HIM.
Men love to feel appreciated. Men need to feel appreciated. Big things. Small things. Anything and everything, show them you see what they did and how much you appreciate it.
Here’s an example – my husband goes around the house every day and empties all of the trash cans and takes all of it out to the dumpster – which is a lot because we have a baby who uses tons of diapers! We each have our little “duties” like this that we do around the house, so the temptation would be to just expect him to do it and not even acknowledge him having done it. But every single day I say “baby thank you so much for taking out the trash, I really appreciate it!” It even makes him happier to do it, knowing how much I appreciate it.
In marriage you can never say enough “thank yous”. After you have been married for a while, it’s easy to get a little too comfortable where you stop showing gratitude towards each other for the little things. But aiming to keep that spirit of appreciation is just one of many ways to keep your fire for one another going.
Did he load the dishwasher? Did he remember to put the toilet seat up? Did he open your door, bring you a drink, rub your tired little feet? Tell him how much you appreciate him and watch his eyes light up!
  1. Jess says:

    Love how You’re Using this platform !! Thanks fir the tiPs and i look forward to More 🙂

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