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Monday Marriage Tip #2 – Have a Third Eye

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Hey hey it’s marriage tip Monday! I just started this series up last week as a resource for my brides and any other brides or single ladies out there who want to invest now in having a great marriage later. Your wedding is a FABULOUS day, but it is just one day, after all, and your marriage is going to be the rest of your life.
So, today’s tip is: have a third eye. I can take absolutely zero credit for this one, as it is what I learned straight out of the book Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin. I actually read this book long before I even met my husband! There I was, single, and reading a book on how to have a great marriage. Yes, perhaps it was a little bit to feed my longing to be married, but I knew it would help me one day in the future and, let me tell you, it definitely has! Okay, so here goes….
“True love has three eyes. One eye is dim, dim to his faults. A second eye sees him as the world does… Sometimes you must help him see the way the world sees him… A third eye sees him as no one else sees him, appreciates him as no one else appreciates him. Keep this eye sharply focused and you will observe many things to appreciate. Every wonderful wife has a third eye.” (pg. 68 of Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin)
 Mostly I want to talk about the first eye (the dim eye) and the third eye referenced here.
 This concept of the dim eye – being dim to his faults – has helped me a lot. Angel Flores is a phenominal man, I could go on an on about how great he is….he does, however, has his quirks that can be a little annoying to me at times. One is that, in his desire to keep our home ultra clean, germ and bug free, he makes up all sorts of little rules around the house. Here’s a few examples: We have to RUSH in and out of the door so that no bugs get it. There’s a specific procedure we do after either of us showers to make sure there is no remaining soap residue in the tub that could leave to buildup. And my favorite is that we must wipe our bulldog’s mouth after he drinks so no drool gets on the kitchen floor. (It’s actually hilarious, he will hear Bulldozer drinking from all the way upstairs and run down in a fury to wipe his mouth! Oh, heavens.) Sometimes I can feel burdened and annoyed by all of his little “house rules” but because I’m focusing way more on all of the great things about him – my third eye – these little rules just aren’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things.
 And for this third eye…oh friends, this eye is so important. Please just trust me that the more you make a habit of keeping your third eye sharply focused on the good in him and voicing to him regularly the things you see and love, the happier he will be, the more love you will get in return, the better your marriage will be and the happier a world it will be for all of us! I really believe that loving, happy marriages and families provide so much stability to our society for all of us to enjoy.
Have you ever heard that old saying “look to their better side”? That’s what the third eye is – always making an effort to focus on their better side.  You would want people to do that towards you too, right?
Have a great week and I hope to see you next Monday!
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