We sat there in a circle around Julie’s living room having a Bible study. I can’t remember what we were talking about, but in that moment, the mood was a serious one. As the back door started to unlock, Julie bounced up and excitedly darted to the door where Shane was entering. “Honey, I’m so glad you are home!!”, she exclaimed and then proceeded to give him such a passionate kiss, us college girls started to blush and look away, totally forgetting about the deep, serious conversation we were just in. I was about 19 or 20 at the time and this was my first example (of several to come over the years) of one thing that will keep the fires of love burning hot in your marriage – greeting him at the door.

I almost didn’t share this Monday Marriage Tip when it came to mind at the risk of sounding too old fashioned and being scoffed at by today’s more “modern” woman. (If that is you, just know that I believe you have every right to your own opinion and in no way am saying that this is essential to a happy marriage. Just a friendly suggestion to try out for yourself, if you’d like!)

Aaaaaanywayyy….back to my story about Shane & Julie.¬†Were they just two young newly weds, still beaming from the wedding day, therefore acted this way? No! At this point they had already been married for about 7 years, I believe. But, they had the happiest most loved-filled, passionate marriage I had ever seen and were totally my role models for the kind of marriage I wanted to have one day. And I really believe their marriage was that way because of little things like this that they never stopped doing.

Interestingly enough, over the course of my single years, two other very similar examples of this greeting phenomenon were showed to me so I stored that little idea away and started practicing it once I got married. To clarify, do I do this every single time Angel walks in the door? Nope. Sometimes I’m really busy doing other things. Sometimes I don’t even hear him come in. Sometimes I’m just too tired. But, oftentimes it does work out where I go out of my way to happily greet him at the door when he gets home and I can totally tell it means the world to him. Especially if the baby is in my hands and the bulldog always follows – the three of us will stand there, bouncing around and I’ll sing a little song “daddy’s home, daddy’s home, everybody’s happy when daddy’s home!!!” Let me just tell you, the look on my husband’s face when we do this is priceless. It’s so clear how valued and respected he feels when we do this. (For more on the importance of your husband feeling respected, you can read a blog post on that topic HERE.)

Greeting at the door totally goes both ways, by the way! It’s not just me doing this, but Angel also tries his best to greet me at the door as well and I love it! It’s such a great feeling to feel that you were missed and that your family is so happy to see you. It really sets the tone to have a peaceful rest of your time together in the home that day. But, if your husband doesn’t think of this first, I’d suggest being the initiator of it and hopefully they will start doing it back to you as well.

Hope you enjoyed this little suggestion and that it is a blessing to your future marriage!


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