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Monday Marriage Tip #6 – Marriage is Not the Movies

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There I sat on the couch, somewhere in my mid-twenties, weeping into my chocolate ice cream as I watched the movie Serendipity. You know, that love story with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale that’s so good, but oh so unrealistic and grossly over-romanticized. “Why oh why can’t I find a love like this where we are just so right for one another we fall madly in love on the very first night we meet and immediately live happily ever after?!”, I sobbed. Well, sista, because IT DOESN’T EXIST.  Which brings us to today’s marriage tip for you brides and future brides – marriage is not like the movies.

Now, if you are ultra romantic like me, before I go and break your heart, I do want to ensure you that marriage is SO awesome and wonderful. If you marry the right person, oh man, life can be so, so good. So fulfilling. So fun. So full of love and happiness, you won’t even know what to do with it all. But even still, the best marriages out there are never going to be what you see in the love stories of Hollywood. Yes, at times, there will be all the romance your little heart can handle, but that is on some occasions and certainly not every day life. Marriage is more like a slumber party every night with your best friend, at least mine is. I really do believe that Hollywood does a great disservice to us all when they paint a picture of the existence of this uber-romantic stud that lives to surprise you daily with his lovingly passionate whims.

I guess the point I’d like you to walk away with is this: after the wedding, if you find yourself disillusioned one day, thinking “why isn’t my husband more romantic” and then start comparing him to Edward in the Twilight series (I’m totally guilty of this one!), please just stop right there. Please remember this little marriage tip, do your husband a favor, and come back down to earth. Now, I think it’s totally fine to express to your husband that you are feeling the need for some more romance – girl, do it! I’ve done it and a good hearted husband will be more than happy to meet your needs. Just please don’t expect any man to be like Edward Cullen, all day, every day. Friend, I just don’t want you to be disappointed and want you to have realistic expectations of what the marathon of marriage will be like. I hope this one day helps you and is a blessing to your future marriage!


P.S. Did you recognize the couple in the photo above? Yes, it is yours truly 🙂 Obviously I wasn’t the photographer here, but I did pose this shot and edit it extensively afterwards…my poor photographer, I was so particular, even back then before I was a photographer myself, haha! Guess I always kind of had it in me….

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