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Monday Marriage Tip #7 – Get on the Same Page Financially – FAST

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We had only been married a few months and were truly experiencing the wedded bliss we’d always dreamed of. There was just one little issue that kept coming up and causing arguments and it always revolved around money, bills, debts, etc. Even as a very young wife, I sensed that if we didn’t get on the same page ASAP, this could very well turn in to something that could potentially take our love out, even though we loved each other to the moon and back.

Did you know that financial discord/stress/incompatibility is almost always listed in the top five reasons for divorce in America?! You’ll find different percentages out there, but I’ve heard that anywhere from 25-70% of marriages that end in divorce report financial issues as one of the leading reasons and, as a woman who has only been married for 3 years, I can totally see why!

So, this isn’t the most enjoyable topic to write about in my Marriage Tip Monday posts, but I really felt like it had to be mentioned. Here’s the thing though, there’s a million different ways couples can “do” their finances. While I certainly have my opinions on what’s best, I don’t want to get too opinionated here, because money is a sensitive subject and I think there’s a lot of different ways folks can handle their money that will work for them.

Therefore, my one piece of advice in this area is this: get on the same page with how you two use your money and get on it as fast as you can. You need to be a team working together to make your money work for you and your family.

I’m happy to share a little about how this looks with my husband and I. When we first got married, naturally, we were still operating our finances very separately. We viewed our money as “my money” and “your money”. For us, this caused a lot of discord of who pays for what and once we began putting all the money we earned in one pot and truly seeing it as “our money” to pay “our bills”, we became a team working together and it really strengthened our marriage in this area. About 6 months in to our marriage we took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course, which I HIGHLY recommend! I can’t say enough about it. It’s tough principles to live by, for sure, but it helped us immensely to get on the same page with how we are going to budget, pay off debts, use money for things like vacations, etc. And I can definitely say that I’ve seen how our money has gone so much further by being a little more frugal in certain areas.

Anyway, there’s really just so much I could say about all this, but it’s too much for these quick marriage tid-bits I post here. But friend, please, do your future marriage a favor and make the issue of money of utmost importance to you and your beau.


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