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Monday Marriage Tip #8 – Write Love Letters

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“There’s something on the table for you downstairs”, he said this past Thursday morning, which was our third wedding anniversary. As I giddily went downstairs, knowing what it probably was, I also felt a little ashamed that I hadn’t done the first thing for him yet…

There it was on the table, the sweetest little love letter complete with hand drawn pictures of things like roses and little scenes from our relationship from it’s beginning until now. Everything about it melted my heart – his words, the pictures, the fact that he had written “1,096 days” on the front of the letter. When we were dating, we wrote each other a lot of letters like this. Things were new and exciting, so naturally we wanted to just gush to one another all the time about how awesome we thought the other one was. But after three years of marriage, the letters are fewer and farther between. Getting that letter from him on our anniversary reminded me of how important they are and that I don’t want this to be something we do only on our anniversary.

So, here’s my advice to MYSELF and MY RELATIONSHIP, as well as to yours 🙂 Take the time to write hand written notes on paper expressing how you feel about one another at least more frequently than once a year. I have kept a little box of all of the cards, letters, our wedding vows, notes written on scrap paper to each other over the years and I know for sure that if my house was burning down, my family was all safe, and there was one thing I could go back and get, it would be that box. No amount of money in the entire world could replace it’s value to me. But, the longer we are married, seems like we are already putting less and less in there. Our anniversary was 4 days ago and I still haven’t written the card I promised to him – shame on me!

So here I am, making the commitment to take the time to do this to encourage my husband and also have something that we can each hold on to for years to come when we need it. And I think if you decide to do it as well, you won’t regret it. Friends, hold me accountable, please!


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