My Mother’s Day mommy + me mini sessions are in full swing and I am just loving them! The larger part of my business is definitely wedding photography, but I got the idea to do these mini sessions after photographing a family with a little 8 month old girl this February and I realized how much I really love photographing families – especially motherhood – as well. So, with Mother’s Day coming up, it just seemed like the timing was right!

Anyway – this is Heather and her adorable little 16 month old daughter, Ariana. The funniest thing about this shoot is that, for some reason, the mosquitos were out like crazy (like none of us had ever seen before!), so every shot we got was in between us all batting the bugs away from us, haha! But things still worked out great, Ariana was a total trooper, and we got some really great shots anyway! Lesson learned to me though…always carry bug spray, haha. My favorite thing about these shots right in the beginning is that you would think we are out in the country somewhere in a secluded field of wild flowers, or something really glamorous. But really we are literally right next to the side walk at the Athens Botanical Gardens. Life is really all about perspective, isn’t it?!

Of course we couldn’t just totally leave daddy out, since he was there along for the ride 🙂

Are you interested in doing a mommy + me mini session too? I have room for just a couple more! Shoot me over an email at and I will send you more information ASAP. I’d love to hear from you!



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