“We just grew apart.” Have you heard this before? I have quite a bit. Either in movies, tv, or real life, it seems this has become a common statement to make about relationships. (All types of relationships, really, but especially in marriage.) Now, I am certainly not the judge (thank goodness!) on what was the downfall in any relationship, nor do I ever want to come across as though I am. However, I do think that we can all protect our own relationships from getting to this point of saying “I don’t know, we just grew apart…” by having a rock solid determination to FIGHT FOR OUR MARRIAGE.

I’ve only been married 3 years, which, in the marathon of marriage is basically still just beginning. But, even in the short amount of time I’ve been married, there have already been issues that have come our way (on-going disagreements/not seeing eye to eye on certain matters, unmet expectations, hurtful words said, etc.) that, I know if we don’t fully work through, are going to build walls in our marriage that could eventually lead us to “grow apart”.

So, my encouragement to you, dear future wife, is to fight for your relationship with everything you’ve got when the going gets tough or even when things just start to feel dull or boring. Every marriage is going to go through it’s challenges. We are all humans that will, as much as we don’t want to, hurt each other at times. Be quick to forgive one another. Talk through your issues. Try to get on the same page as much as possible. Don’t let unresolved issues build up and stay unresolved just “sweeping it under the rug”. Trust me, what’s under the rug is going to come out eventually, so you may as well clean it up now! And usually the longer it stays under the rug, the nastier it gets! If your marriage starts to feel dull, figure out what to do to spice things up again instead of just thinking “I guess this is just how things are now…”

Anyway, hopefully this isn’t too vague, but I guess I just don’t want you to be alarmed if one day in your marriage you find yourself feeling like things are getting too hard in some way. Just fight to stay close and connected and allow whatever challenges you go through together to bring you even closer to each other in the end. Fight for it!

Side note: If you are someone who is reading this and has a relationship that you have said this of (growing apart), please know that I am not judging you. Everyone’s situation is so unique. I have known people who’s partner truly went and became a totally different person on them or other scenarios like that and there’s really nothing they could have done to change that. Sometimes that happens and there is nothing you can do about it! And if you’ve been through that, I am sorry!

Have a great week and I hope this little marriage tip is a blessing to your future marriage!


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