I was in my late twenties and all I had was failed relationships and an entire line of bridesmaids dresses in my closet from friend’s weddings I had been in. (Imagine something along the lines of that Katherine Heigl movie, 27 dresses…minus the super cool NYC lifestyle…) At that point in my life, I didn’t even know what I really needed in a man anymore. I was unsure if I’d ever find the right person for me and much less sure of what I should even be looking for because, clearly, I was not picking the right ones. One thing I did have going for me though, other than God’s kindness and direction, was the blessing of an older, wiser woman in my life to learn from. I learned MANY things about life, love and relationships from her, and one thing I remember she’d always say is that your marriage should be a “safe place.”

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To be honest, I didn’t really know exactly what she meant by this at first. (Maybe that’s the blond in me…kidding 😉 But as soon as I started dating my husband I felt, for the first time, that I was in a safe place (in every sense of the word), and it was then that I really got it.

To boil it all down, I think this means that you feel 100% free to be who you are, share all your thoughts and feelings and let your weaknesses show without fear of judgment, that they will think any less of you. Look, the world can beat us up and we should always be able to come home and feel that sense of letting our guard down and just be ourselves in whatever state we are in – for better or worse, right?! We will all be at our worse at times and should show our spouses love and support through whatever they are going through. Unconditional love is another good way to describe what a safe place is.

So, my dear brides and future wives reading this, that’s all I got on this! Ha! Usually, I write a little bit more, but I think this is one of those ones that a short explanation will suffice.

As always, hope this little marriage tidbit is a blessing to your future marriage!


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  1. Tawina says:

    Obsessed WITH THESE! I learn So much every time and soak in all the wisdom. Thank YOu! Keep THem coming.


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