Hey everyone and happy solar eclipse day! I just got to see it for the first time, so cool! My husband and I just stood out in the parking lot of our townhome community and shared our glasses with a number of other neighbors who gathered around and didn’t have any. About six of us, who didn’t know each other before, stood out there and passed the glasses back and forth. It was so fun and uniting! I’m glad the little sun/moon collision phenomenon of the day brought us all together…

Anyway, today is Monday and on a couple of Mondays each month I write little “marriage tips” for my brides (or anyone else who’s interested!) because I firmly believe that weddings are so awesome, but your marriage is WAY more important. If I can serve you as the best wedding photographer for you, that is wonderful, but if I can also help you to have even the tiniest bit of a better marriage, even better! By no means am I the marriage expert, but I have been blessed to learn a lot from wise women, books, the Bible, and my own school of hard knocks 😉

Last week I wrote my 15th tip! Wow…God just keeps giving me all sorts of ideas for things to write about, so as long as they come, I pass them to you. I thought this week I would simply compile them all in one place so that anyone who is recently joining in can quickly scan what we’ve talked about so far and check out any of them that apply to you. Just click on whichever one interests you below and it’ll take you right to it. So here you go!


15. Be His Biggest Fan

14. Be Each Other’s Safe Place

13. Like Each Other

12. Never Stop Dating

11. Fight For It

10. Laugh Together, A LOT!

9. Accept Him

8. Write Love Letters

7. Get on the Same Page Financially – FAST

6. Marriage is Not the Movies

5. Greet Him at the Door

4. Love + Respect

3. Never Compare Him to Other Men

2. Have a Third Eye

1. Appreciate Him


I truly hope these are a blessing to your future marriage! When I was single, I tried to fill myself with as much knowledge as possible on men, relationships, how to have a great marriage, etc. and it has paid off! My marriage is certainly not perfect, but I am confident that we have been saved from many fights blowing up out of proportion (or even starting) simply because my husband and I both sought to learn everything we could.

If you have no idea who I am…hey!! I’m Nicole! I’m a wedding photographer serving all of Atlanta, Athens, North Georgia, and Savannah. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Georgia, I’d love to hear from you! You can view my portfolio HERE and reach out to my at hello@nicolefloresphoto.com.

Have a great week, everyone!



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