She needed a new beginning, so decided to take a trip to Atlanta, just to “check it out”, as some close family friends had moved there recently. During that trip, Amber just so happened to meet Nick at a party…and Nick said, WHOA! WHO is that?! The connection was more than just boy meets pretty girl though – they quickly became the best of friends and held off from dating right away since Amber was still living in Southern California and planning a huge life decision of whether to move across the country or not. It didn’t take long, however, for Amber to decide that the timing was right to move away from the only home she had ever known in Orange County and pursue a new adventure. They stayed in touch throughout the whole process, and not but a few months later Amber drove across the country with her two dogs, all of her belongings, and help from a few friends, including Nick, of course!

After Amber got settled in Atlanta, eventually Nick confessed his undying love for her and, well, the rest is history! This September they celebrated 8 fantastic years of marriage together where their love for one another has only grown deeper and deeper. They have two adorable children, Blake and Brynn, who both have the most gorgeous, striking blue eyes you’ll ever see!

Nick and Amber, I am so happy for you guys and loved being able to document your love! Here’s to a lifetime of love and happiness!!

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