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Sammi + Garon’s Wedding // Marietta, Georgia

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On a picture-perfect early fall day, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, in a beautiful and quaint setting, something really very special happened – Sammi and Garon pledged their love and faithfulness to each other until death do they part in front of their closest friends and family. And what a fun and meaningful day it was! Sammi and Garon are one of those gushy in love types, which made my job really easy because all I had to do was stand back and capture the magic that was naturally happening between them! One of my favorite memories of the day was when Sammi’s dad, Mr. Shaffren, came up to me at the reception and said: “you know, when we first met Garon, we thought to ourselves, ‘the boy doesn’t talk much but he sure is pretty!” Haahaa!! This cracked me up for two reasons: One being the fact that Mr. Shaffren called him pretty! I don’t know, I just thought it was hilarious! And secondly, because Garon was Mr. Chatty Cathy on his wedding day! I mean, the man was so happy and having so much fun, I had no idea who this “boy who doesn’t talk much” stranger was that Mr. Shaffren was referring to! So, I assumed that it meant that Garon is so enamored and in love with Sammi that he turned in to a completely different person temporarily when he met Sammi’s family for the first time, in fear that he would mess it up….so sweet! This, folks, is a southern love story at it’s finest…enjoy looking at the photos. And to the Shaffrens, thank you so much again for hiring me for such an important task and for allowing me to be a part of your family for the day and to share in your joy – I’m forever grateful!

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