She called me on a Wednesday afternoon and, although we had never even met or spoken once in our entire lives before, we squealed like little girls together! “My daughter is going to be proposed to next Saturday”, Julie said, “are you available to photograph it?!” Thank God my wedding for that weekend was on a Sunday, so I exclaimed, “yes, yes, yes, I am!!” And then some more squealing ensued!! This right here is why I love my job so much. I get to share in the most exciting of joys with so many people, even sometimes complete strangers! I mean, I had never even met Julie or knew the first thing about her, but all I knew is that her baby girl was getting engaged, she was asking me to be there, and boy oh boy did I feel so lucky and thankful for that and SO excited for her and her family!

Fast forward to the proposal day…you guys, I was such a bucket of nerves! Probably even more so than on wedding days! So. Many. Questions. Would I be standing in the exact perfect spot to get the best angle? What if a random passer-by blocked my view right as Chase dropped his knee? What if my camera decided it didn’t want to focus fast enough? Or worse, what if a huge bird dove down from the sky and took my camera and I missed the shot!! Ahhh, my palms are sweating again just writing about it!! Haahaa!! Just kidding about the big bird, I’m not that out there 😉 But, seriously though, professionally, I am always at my best when I am pushed to my max, so I was certainly down for task! And, thank the Lord, it all worked out great!

Anyway…let me tell you about Chase and Erin! Well, first of all, Erin said yes, thank God! How awkward if she didn’t, right?! (I probably would not be sharing those pictures, haha!) They met as little baby pre-law undergrads at UGA…it’s actually quite a hilarious story. In a nutshell, Erin was wrongfully accused of something, had to go to UGA court and Chase was her prosecutor! Chase was the hero and made sure that innocent sweet beautiful young thang went away free and clear and also with a date with him on her calendar, haha! I just love it! They became best friends, went on to both attend law school at UGA and now both work for law firms in Midtown Atlanta. We had such a blast walking around campus after the proposal and getting shots at some of the meaningful places on campus, including the Law School and Memorial Hall, the building they met at.

Chase and Erin, I’ll forever be grateful that I got to be a part of this special day for you! Happy wedding planning!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! If you are looking for a wedding photographer in the Athens or Atlanta areas, I’d love to hear from you! You can view my portfolio HERE or contact me HERE. Take care!

  1. Erin says:

    Nicole! Thank you so much for making our proposal so special and memorable! You and angel made the best team ever that day – you thinking of sweet poses/places for us to capture on film – angel holding my massive purse as we walked around campus – you following up quickly with beautiful photos and other special surprises (a video of the moment, prints of the best photos, wedding planning magazines!) etc. I couldn’t have wished for better!

    Thank you again! <3


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