Warning: the joy in this blog post is absolutely contagious! If anyone can look through these photos of sweet little Josie plowing in to her first birthday cake, with nothing but frosting and bliss all of her face, and not crack the tiniest bit of a grin, I fear you may have a heart of stone, my friend, haha! There is nothing like the sheer joy of a little child enjoying the simple pleasures of life! We have a lot to learn from little children, wouldn’t you agree?

Anyway, huge thanks to Josie’s mom, Brittany, for choosing me to capture this special season in her family’s life! Brittany is actually the author of a really awesome blog, A Loving Nest, that shares beautiful home decor, DIY projects, and just fun family life stuff – she has immepciable taste, so I was especially honored that she picked me out of a sea of photographers! (She found me through hashtags on Instagram, who knew those actually work?! haha!!) It was such a blast out there at Jack’s Creek Tree Farm with the whole fam, who you’ll get to see a few appearances from as well. And we of course don’t want to forget about Josie’s big brother, Charlie, who did a great job allowing his sister to have the full spot light of the day!

Side note/funny story: Brittany and I bonded over both having girls that turned 1 just one week apart! Josie’s photo shoot was one week before we were planning to do a little family gathering birthday party for my Anabelle girl…so, thanks to Brittany putting together such gorgeous props, outfits, etc., I had a newfound vision for what I could do for Anabelle. Well…let’s just say that Anabelle’s cake smash was not quite as Pinterest worthy, womp womp. Haha! Anabelle wanted NOTHING to do with the cake AND I made the epic failure of getting a cake with pink and green frosting (huge mistake!). She ended up rubbing frosting all in her eye and got really upset! I’ll share a couple with you if you stick around to the end 😉 It’s hilarious!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! If you are looking for a family photographer in the Athens area, I’d love to hear from you! You can contact me HERE.

P.S. If you are still around and would like to see a couple of photos from my daughter’s – not as Pinterest worthy – cake smash just a few days after this one, here you go! Poor kid! She needs to take lessons from Josie’s cute cake eating abilities, ha!




  1. Brittany says:

    I love these!! AnnaBelle has so much more hair than josie! she is such a doll baby! Thank you for these beautiful memories! 


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