You just gotta admire a couple who, when their long awaited all outdoor wedding day on the groom’s family farm comes, and it is absolutely pouring rain for 90% of the day, they just laugh and roll with it. If you ask me, it is a very rare couple indeed that has so much of a fun loving spirit, passion for each other, and excitement to say their vows at the altar that the groom hand crafted, that they are willing to get out there in the POURING rain and get married! It was an experience I will certainly NEVER forget, and I’m sure all of the wedding attendees would say the same. Erin + Andrew’s willingness to say their I Do’s in the rain resulted in hands down some of the most joyful, passionnate, romantic, and memorable ceremony photos I’ve ever had the priviledge of taking!

Erin + Andrew, thank you so much for allowing me to join your family and friends on such a momentous occasion and document it for you! This one goes down in the wedding day hall of fame, for sure!!

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