Back in the fall of 2014, when I was still living in Los Angeles, my Photography I professor at UCLA said “One day you will take a photo that makes you cry. And when you do, no matter how far off in the future it is, I want you to email it to me.” Since I predominantly photograph weddings, I thought for sure that tear-jerker photo would happen on a wedding day. Now, I have teared up at almost every wedding I’ve photographed at some point – especially if the groom or father of the bride cries – gets me every time! But, those tears haven’t been the result of a photograph, just the moment itself. So, much to my dismay, I was pretty surprised when THIS photo below was the one that did it! (The very first one you’ll see in this blog.) As I was editing the Gibson family’s photos, I couldn’t stop smiling because of all the sweetness, but when I got to this one, I don’t know, something about it just really got me. The love is just so powerful! I love the way the girls are nuzzling into their momma’s neck and how each one of them has a different, but absolutely priceless, expression on their faces. And maybe now that I’m a mom too, I understand a little more how intense and fierce your love is for your children and I just can visualize that going on in this photo. The rest of the shoot is so sweet as well – Lucy and Ella have probably one of the best sibling relationships I’ve ever witnessed! So loving and kind to one another, but also just having a lot of fun and enjoying each other’s company as well.

And if you’re wondering, I did email this photo to my old professor. He’s retired now after photographing half of the people and things in Los Angeles. And what he said in response almost made me cry again! “Absolutely superb work. I can’t help being a little proud to have been a part of your life.” I can’t even tell you how much that meant to me!

Ok now, enjoy the photos and, thank you again, Rachele, for asking me to photograph your girls! And thanks for being willing to hop in a few as well 😉

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  1. Kelley Latson Painter says:

    These photographs of my gorgeous nieces and sister in law also brought tears to my eyes! They’ve been through so much together and their love and strength is amazing! Thank you for sharing these! 

    • says:

      Thank you for your comment! It brings me great joy to know that I’ve been able to bless others with something so meaningful to them 🙂
      Nicole Flores


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