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Arianna + John Engagement // Athens, Georgia

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“Do you mind if I send you a few examples of engagement photos I found that I really like?”, Arianna asked me over email before our engagement session. “Of course not, show me!”, I replied… They were all beautiful, and very similar to my style (PHEW!), and although they were each from different shoots, there was a common theme between them – fields of wild flowers. Well, the closest thing we have to that here in Athens is the Botanical Gardens, so we decided to go there. The main area of the park that I typically go to does have lots of beautiful flowers, but they are certainly not fields or secluded at all. So I thought to myself “well, I’ll just have to get creative and make the best of it!”

Fast forward to the day of the shoot and as I’m driving to meet Arianna and John, I say a prayer, as I always do, for creativity and to do my best…. However, this time I really begged God to lead me to wherever Arianna was going to love the most and that would most fulfill her vision of what she wanted. I prayed something along the lines of “God, I don’t know of any fields of wild flowers here in Athens, but I know you can do anything…” But, to be honest, I really doubted in my heart it could even happen. Well, let me tell you, He CAN do anything! As I pulled in to the park, I got the idea to go check out another area I knew of that is a little more secluded and off the beaten path. I hadn’t been over there in a long, long time but knew of it because I used to go trail running in that section of the park all the time over 10 years ago, so knew it existed. But, out of all of the many times I have been there, NEVER EVER did I see wildflowers! So, when I pulled up and saw the fields of yellow wild flowers growing everywhere I literally squealed for joy and thought “God, why did I even doubt, I know you can do anything!”

So, Arianna got her fields of wild flowers, and I got a happy photographer heart! It was a great shoot and I’m excited to share the images with you today!

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