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Audrey + Josh // Engagement in Monroe, Georgia

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From the first moment I sat down with Audrey and Josh at Panera Bread to meet and discuss the possibility of me photographing their wedding, I knew I’d be super lucky if they chose me…they are just so kind, cool, easy going, friendly, salt of the earth type people! (So, of course I was stoked when they did hire me!) But man, I saw a whole new side of them during their engagement session that made me love them even more! First of all, they did a wonderful job of just being in the moment together and enjoying each other’s presence, as if a camera wasn’t even around…and, let me tell you, it shows! One of my photography teachers would always say, “when you look at a photo, you should see 2 people, not 3.” Meaning that, you shouldn’t “see” that a photographer was involved in the photo (either by un-natural, stiff posing, awkwardness, etc.)…all you should see is 2 people in love. They were so happy and having so much fun, sometimes I wondered if they forgot I was even there, haha! And then secondly, they had numerous of the coolest ideas they wanted to incorporate in to their session! From their themed outfits, to the a-mazing vintage car (which belongs to Audrey’s parents), to dancing together, to bubble blowing and having a picnic together….this was ALL THEM guys! And oh goodness, was I thrilled!! I’ve had the pleasure of photographing many engagement sessions this spring, and theirs definitely wins in the category of most unique!

And if this is just what they thought of for their engagement session, I can’t wait to see all the awesomeness they are going to dream up for their wedding this August! It’s at the Day Chapel at the Botanical Gardens…I’ve always wanted to shoot a wedding there, so am so pumped about it! Anyway…enjoy the eye candy on this blog post, it’s a good one!

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