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Michaela + Will’s Engagement Session // State Botanical Gardens of Georgia

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She was just a freshman in college, going about a regular day, when they met in class. I’m sure Michaela’s gorgeous blue eyes capture of lot of people’s attention, so I’m not surprised at all that they captured Will’s on that fateful day! Little did she know at the time that Will would eventually be her future husband….They began dating and a few years later, Will decided it was time to pop the question! It was the day before Thanksgiving and Michaela went to Columbus to visit Will and his family. She arrived to an all dressed up and nervous Will, who told her he wanted to take her on a picnic at their favorite park. She didn’t initially think anything of it since they would go on picnics there often, but as they were on their way, Will’s strange behavior made her begin to question if something was up. As any girl would do, she texted her sisters to see what they thought…they were able to convince her that he was not proposing (even though they knew he was!), so Michaela resigned to the fact that he wasn’t. Once they got to the park, they were met with all sorts of obstacles to getting to their special spot, all of which made Will increasingly flustered and Michaela increasingly confused by his odd behavior. FINALLY, after several attempts at finding the perfect location, they were able to settle down for their “picnic”. Will, who had been blaming his strange actions on just being hungry, suddenly was no longer hungry…so, a baffled Michaela said, “fine, I’m just going to go ahead and eat a brownie then”. As she offered one of the brownies to Will that was wrapped in a paper towel, he accepted it on the terms of her handing it to him. As she picked it up, she realized it was no brownie at all, but a ring box! Will pulled out a stunning rose gold diamond ring (that you’ll get to here in their photos!) and asked her to be his wife! Of course she said YES! After their picnic they went back to his house where both of their families were waiting for them to celebrate!

For their engagement session, we went to the State Botanical Gardens of Georgia in Athens and had a blast exploring the park together! There were so many gorgeous blooming flowers and a pretty stellar sunset. Micaela and Will are getting married next March and I cannot wait to photograph their big day!! Enjoy the photos!!

Nicole flores photography engagement session

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  1. […] day! I just loved the way Will was looking at Michaela all day (just like he also did during their engagement session!) – you can literally feel the love in his eyes! Especially as he saw his bride walking down […]

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