Breland + JF’s Engagement // Lexington, Georgia

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All it took was a stuck tractor, instigating family members, and the hand of God to get Breland and JF together! It’s a southern love story at it’s finest and I’m excited to tell it to you today! In the early spring of 2017 JF found himself in a little bit of a pickle when a family member got his tractor stuck on the farm owned by Breland’s father. But, fortunately for JF, that inconvenience led to him meet his future father in law, whom he became fast friends with. And over the course of the next months, there were multiple attempts by Breland’s family to get the two to meet, but Breland was not interested and just blew it off. She already had her whole life planned out, you see, and did not figure JF in to those plans! But JF knew from the moment he saw her from afar that he wanted to marry her, so he did not give up! They eventually met in person and began falling in love, but around the same time Breland had taken a job in New York and moved there – yikes! Ultimately though, no amount of distance could keep this one in a lifetime love from growing, so Breland flew her little southern self back down to Georgia where she belongs! Then, on a chilly morning this past December, JF came up with a good excuse to head out to the farm and “help her dad with something.” Under the gigantic twin oaks on her dad’s property (that is also one of their special spots) he got on one knee and asked her to marry him! She said yes, we did their engagement photos in that exact same spot soon after, and they’ll be getting married this March! Wham, bam, thank you m’am!! I love it! And I love this couple! Breland is just pure giggles, fun, sweetness, and gorgeousness! I can’t wait to see her as a bride and it’s easy to see why JF refused to give up on making her HIS for life!

Enjoy the photos! They were taken on her dad’s property and then also at their home church that they’ll be getting married at, which is just right down the road!

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athens georgia wedding photographer, nicole flores

athens georgia wedding photographer, nicole flores

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