John + Delaney’s Engagement | State Botanical Gardens of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

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John and Delaney have the sweetest love story and I’m so excited to get to share it with you today! They first met back in 2013 when they were both counselors at summer camp. When the week was over, Delaney went back to her home in North Carolina, while John remained here in Georgia. John knew a good thing when he saw it, and wrote her letters (so sweet!) to stay in touch and continue to build a friendship despite the distance. Even though they lived in different states, over the years, their love for each other continued to grow and grow. Delaney especially loved the fact that when John would come to visit her in North Carolina, he fit right in with the family, as if he was always meant to be there! For this reason, and many, many more, she knew that he was the right man for her, and ultimately moved here to Georgia to go to grad school and be closer together!

Then, during spring break of this year, John decided the time was right to pop the question! They were back in North Carolina, visiting Delaney’s family. At her grandparent’s house in the mountains, there is a special rock overlooking the mountains that they always loved going to. Her parents would go there also when they were a young and very in love dating couple, so this particular spot holds so much significance to the entire family. Delaney was hopeful that they might get engaged soon, but really wasn’t suspecting it to happen that particular evening. So when John took her to the rock and had photographs of them with so many special memories they’ve shared together throughout the years hanging in the surrounding trees, she was shocked! He said a bunch of romantic things, got down on one knee and asked her to marry him!

For their engagement photos, we went to the gorgeous Botanical Gardens here in Athens. It was such a beautiful evening and they did an incredible job just being themselves together and letting me capture their love. Enjoy the photos!!

state botanical gardens of georgia engagement, nicole flores

state botanical gardens of georgia engagement, nicole flores

state botanical gardens of georgia engagement, nicole flores

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